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Published on September 20, 2011 By CharlesCS In Personal Computing

Ok so I kinda noticed that every so often the monitor on my job PC (and that of several other co-workers) tends to flash a few times several times a day as if someone was take a picture of my screen. Now I know there is software that can take pictures of your desktop but I doubt it would be as obvious as to have a flash-like feature. I doubt this company would want to make it so obvious they are taking snapshots at our desktops and why so often anyways? Not to mention, the amount of people working here, I doubt they have the man power to review these images.

Anyways, could anyone give an idea of what this might be? Could it be software for taking snapshots of our desktop or perhaps video driver issues (with several PCs here) or something else? thanks.

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on Sep 23, 2011

Just a question....did the OP get his answer? 

on Sep 25, 2011

So it should be...EPdlRdLA?