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Joeuser Still Lives
Published on March 24, 2017 By CharlesCS In Everything Else

It's amazing that after 2 years away is still up and running. Granted the send to be a lot less activity than before but it's great to see this site alive. I see it's mostly Stardock articles, which makes sense, the days. I loved being here when there were​ healthy​ discussions about politics and current events, the arguments are so intense it was great. Sadly I see little to any political discussions. Well, times change but it's nice to see the site still up. Maybe I'll get active and post some political stuff to see how the atmosphere is around here.

on Mar 24, 2017

Hey, CharlesCS!  Good to know you're doing well.

There is still a politics section but not much sparring goes on there any more.  It just fizzled to nothing after W's re-election.  Borg999 and Anthony R, to their credit, have tried to re-invigorate political discussion in recent months but only a handful engage.  If this isn't a time ripe for political discussion, there never was one.

on Mar 24, 2017

Think of all the conspiracy nuts out there. That alone should fuel a great discussion.

Good to see you back dude.