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Published on September 18, 2009 By CharlesCS In Websites

Those of you hanging around long enough know that is part of Stardocks many web pages including, and our favorite,

Some of you may have noticed the cool videos Stardock puts out showing off their newest software such as Windowblinds 7, Tweak 7 and others. Ever wish you could make some videos of your own desktop yourself? While there are some pretty neat software's out there that can do the job, I found a site that records this kind of video as well.

Image Taken From Jowki

Screen Toaster is a nifty website that allows you to record screencast for tutorials, demos or to show off your computer with more than a simple picture. The website records and saves the videos on the site itself where you can either download as a .mov, embed or share a link with others.

It’s pretty easy to use but beware of slow computers and online connects. The site will quickly lock-up if your PC is not good enough to handle it. It’s compatible with the following OSes and Internet browsers:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X and Linux. Firefox 2 +, Internet Explorer 7 +, Chrome, Opera 9 and Safari.

Check out the site. Here is some video I made while writing this. Pretty cool I say. Hope you like this site. The best thing is, it’s free.


on Sep 19, 2009

Hello, I would like to ask you to either

  • Link back to for using the Screen Toaster image or
  • Remove the image

Here is the HTML so you can quickly link back:

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  1. <a href="">Image Taken From Jowki</a>
on Sep 19, 2009

Thanks, I knew I forgot something. Will fix right now.