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I’ll make these questions simple so that there is no confusion here. I’ll be creating individual articles for each question to avoid confusing comments.

Hypothetically speaking, say the Democrats were to retain control of both Houses after November 2 2010 and the Republicans were more or less in the same powerless position they are today. Let’s also say that 2 years from now, say today, October 21st 2012 The Obama Administration together with the Democrat controlled House and Senate failed to stop unemployment from raising, failed to help stimulate the economy, failed to help create jobs, the healthcare bill turns out to due more harm than good, etc.

Would you still defend and/or vote Democrat in 2012after this track record? Would you give President Obama a second term?

Now be honest here in your comments. I would hate to read comments where people would vote Democrat just because they always do. Bare in mind I am looking for some legit comments based on the topic of the article, please try to stay on topic. I’m not looking for “what if Republicans were in control” comments, not yet anyways. This is a Hypothetical question, not what will happen for sure. Thank you.

on Oct 24, 2010

Ooh, ooh, can a conservative answer?

on Oct 25, 2010

Chuck seems they will be scarce until there is a Republican Congress or Presidency in place. If the Democrats won't run on their own record, I doubt many Liberals will either.

on Aug 03, 2012

As a former democrat I would not vote for Obama, as he has broken promises he made to the american people, and he has expanded drone  wars abroad, and is responsible for at least as many war crimes as the bush admin. Neither Obama or Romney is looking out for the best interest of the american people.

on Jan 26, 2013

I guess this question is moot now since the economy is improving, jobs are being created, the "healthcare bill" is helping millions of people, although it is still in the middle of being implemented...and Obama's track record was good enough to give him a landslide second term!

on Jul 30, 2013

Short sighted partisan responses here.  The Republicans have held ransom the Obama administration since the beginning.  400+ filibusters prove my point and the McConnell statements that the defeat of Obama was the primary goal of the senate prove their treachery.  Its become even worse since 2010 when they could hold up legislation from the House as well.  This past Congress will set a record for ineptitude and lack of ability to pass anything.  The Senate has become a bit more compliant.  But that cooperation is easy when you know the House won't let anything go.  When your entire discourse is my way or nothing, when you have absolutely no inkling to come together with the other side, you cannot govern or hope to govern.  Republicans haven't learned a thing from their disastrous attempt to hold the debt ceiling hostage.  They are costing us billions in extra interest on the debt and costing us billions in their efforts to close down the post office despite the fact it will put 200k people out of work.