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Although I can understand the reason behind the thoughts of those who are actually happy in some way over this Mac Defender trojan that has infected thousands of Mac computers in recent weeks, I am not sure this is really a cause for celebration amongst us Windows user. I mean who wouldn’t want to take an opportunity like this one to rub it in Apple Fanboy faces how their precious Mac computers are not as “bullet proof” as they make them out. How all it would take is someone willing to make the trojan or virus to cause havoc even on an OS that has been regarded as virus-free for so long. Still, this really should not be a time for anyone to be happy and even hoping this is only the beginning as some of the comments I have seen online seem to indicate.

According to this Maximum PC article, it seems the trojan creator has modified the trojan to circumvent the password it required in order to infect the Mac computer. In other words although you still have to be stupid enough to click on a pop up to install it, it’s actually a lot easier to fool someone now to install it. Again it just goes to show how a determined person can screw with Macs if they only had the desire to do so.

On the one hand, I hope Mac users learn their lesson. on the other, I hope this really doesn’t become a serious problem. My kids may want a Mac someday and I would hate for them to have to deal with viruses and trojans as well.

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on Jun 07, 2011

This is just horrible!

Death to the macs!


 Hahahaha priceless!


I did a search for "evil smile" and "screw Mac" but didn't find anything as good as your pic.

Gleeful feels a bit evil but that's okay. It's macs

on Jun 07, 2011


should this be cause for celebration?  


Sure......if you don't care that I celebrate each and every time some PC-head gets infected because he didn't listen when I preached "LEAST-PRIVILEDGE learn to think that way"........or... "learn to use your PC's LOCAL SECURITY POLICY".........or....."keep your OS up-to-date"......or....."never ever browse the internet using an ADMIN account"......etc. etc.


Then sure......celebrate away! 

on Jun 07, 2011

Quoting Gwenio1, reply 44And the bad guys are crackers, not hackers.


You say tomato.... I say red squishy thing - good to add to Vodka ....

Technically they are correct.  However, like Aspirin (Bayer) became the generic term for acetylsalicylic acid, so now hacker has come to mean crackers.  They just put different color hats on them to denote the good witches from the bad witches.