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Hey everyone, I need some help with a hard drive issue.

Here's the story. On Friday, after i connected my portable drive to my work PC as I always do, I notced I was unable to access 2 folders on it that I use often at work. I kept getting the "access denied" error. because it's a job PC I figured maybe one of the IT settings might have accidentally locked these folders. It also crossed my mind that somehow my company might have purposely done it to keep me from accessing these folders. They tend to be very strict around here sometimes. I figured I would check it once I got home, after all, it could have been that the folders might have been curropted or something from the night before at home. Who knows.

Well, when i got home I realized they were working fine so I got stuck on the theory that either my job PC settings might have somehow blocked them or maybe IT did somehow. Well, back at work today I notced they were still blocked. I tried different computers and under different peoples names but the problem persisted. I think i finally figured out why they are blocked. I had set these 2 folders to be sharable on my network at home so i think that is why i can't access them here.

My question is the following: How do I keep these folders shared on my network and still be able to access them while connected to another pc? Is this even possible? thanks in advance for any advise on this.

on Aug 15, 2011

What is the File System for the drive (FAT32 or NTFS)?  Can you "take ownership" at work?  if so, what are the rights set to.  It may be a sharing issue that the company is doing through File Sharing permissions or NTFS (if the latter).  I would need more before I can tell you more.  If you cannot get the sharing/security properties at work, check it out at home and post it.

on Aug 15, 2011

I'll have to get back on the file system but believe it might be NTFS. I can't take ownership here because of all the restrictions. I simply set these folders on this portable drive to be shared on my network and I think that is what blocked them here at work.

BTW, Joeruser does not work well with Google Chrome. i have a very long comment box here where I have to scroll down, waaay down, just to click the add comment button. Wonder why.

on Aug 17, 2011

I am using Palemoon.  It messes up at times, but otherwise is pretty good.