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Just curious. Seeing as Microsoft will have a new Windows OS by the end of the year, Windows 10, I was wondering if there were any new plans for Object Desktop since Windows 10 won't focus so much on the "Metro" style UI as much as it did before. I am interested in renewing my Object Desktop Subscription and would like to know if there is something in the works.


Thank you.

on Jan 28, 2015

No doubt there are plans to make every Stardock app in the OD suite compatible with Win10 if technically feasible.  Not speaking on SD's behalf, just from experience, and from a few posts indicating most of the OD apps are playing nice with the beta(s) so far.  They are not likely to make any official predictions just yet - doubt that will happen until Win10 hits at least RTM & they've had a chance to see what's possible.