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June 8, 2011 by CharlesCS
Sometimes I think that companies come up with the latest and “greatest” in technology not because they think it will be useful, beneficial and appealing to the consumer but because their whole advertising dept is based around believing the consumer is so stupid they will buy it regardless how bad the product might seems at first.

Nintendo Wii U? Are they serious? A game controller bigger than the 3DS or even an xBox or PS3 controller? With motion control? I can’t deny the g...
June 24, 2009 by CharlesCS
My problem is when my kids play Need For Speed on the PSP, the controller stays stuck towards the left so when driving my son has to be hitting the right steering button to maintain the car as straight as possible. Siometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn.t I can't always tell but this does not seem to affect any of the other features in the PSP. It's the only game we have at the moment so I can't reference another game to say it happens there as well.

Any ideas why this could be happenin...